Power through Partnership

Combining the Best of Private Practice, with the Best of Private Equity

About us

Through providing the world's most comprehensive and streamlined practice management system, Allied OMS gives its' member practices the capability to exclusively focus on what they do best - providing world-class patient treatment and outcomes.


In addition, our doctor-owners maintain management oversight and have the lifestyle flexibility associated with private practice while benefitting from the support and insights that are usually only available at larger organizations.


How We're Different

Allied OMS enables our doctor-owners to keep the full operational benefits of independent practice while simultaneously benefitting from the economics and benefits usually reserved for Private Equity-backed organizations. Unlike a more traditional model, the physicians that join Allied OMS retain decision-making rights over independent practice while gaining a partnership stake in the larger organization.

Our unique structure means that our doctor-owners maximize their economic potential and capture as much value as they can create, a win-win dynamic that does not exist in any other Managed Service Organization.


In addition, by leveraging the world-class accounting, payroll, and key item procurement support that Allied OMS provides to our member practices, our doctor-owners can decrease their practice costs and enhance the earnings of their business, all the while keeping their main focus on what they do best - providing top-quality care to their patients.


Meet Our Team

Jonathon Jundt


Partner | Founder

David Kostohryz, Jr.


Partner | Founder

William Runyon, Jr.


Partner | Founder

Greg Scheideman


Partner | Founder

Ryan Graham

COO | Founder

Daniel Hosler

CEO | Founder

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